The process of developing an IPE course means that you will be working with others across campus, including the Michigan Center for IPE, and administrators and students, as well as other faculty if you co-teach, to launch your course.

early phase icon

Early Phase

Think up a great idea and convert your existing course to IPE. Visit the IPE Course Elements to learn more about the requirements of an IPE course.

Communicate your idea to the U-M Center for IPE by filling out the short IPE Opportunity Interest Form. The
Center for IPE will reply and connect you with to relevant resources and networks on campus.

development phase

Development Phase

Dive into the Toolkit and start designing your IPE course. Consider using the Course Tools for generating your syllabus and designing your course, Instructor tools for facilitating your interactions with other faculty in your course, and the Implementation Tools to help jump through administrative hoops with ease.

launch phase

Launch Phase

Polish up your course launch with the Implementation Tools. Be sure to stay connected with the Center for IPE so that they can help connect to the schools as collaborations are formed!