Creating an IPE syllabus is not much different than creating any other syllabus. This checklist serves to provide helpful suggestions to ensure that your syllabus and the development of your course aligns with the goals of IPE.

Getting Started:

  • First, go onto the IPE website to the link below in order to review the IPE competencies and requirements for IPE designation at the University of Michigan. This will help you shape the goals and activities for your course.
    Go to IPE Competencies at U-M >
  • If you plan to co-teach your course with another instructor, include them in the process early.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop your course overview, and learning objectives. Remember, your learning objectives should incorporate the IPE competencies and the level of exposure at which the course will be offered.
  • Here is an example:

By the end of the XXX course, enrolled students will compose an appropriate healthcare team and justify each member needed to support a patient’s plan of care (based on case and associated assessment rubric). (IPE competencies: Teams and Teamwork, Roles and Responsibilities, Interprofessional Communication; Level of ex: Immersion)

Assignments And Readings:

Course Activities:

  • IPE courses include interaction among learners (i.e., engaged learning). Make a plan for including engaged learning in your course. CRLT provides resources on active learning teaching strategies. Make an appointment to consult with a CRLT staff member to learn more.



Sample Syllabus


sample syllabus imageSample syllabus: Team-Based Clinical Decision Making

Collaborating schools: School of Dentistry, Medical School, School of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, School of Social Work