Process Checklist

The process of converting your existing course into an IPE offering will be different for each unique situation. The right path for your course will be dependent on many factors. There are some steps to consider that will help get your course off the ground.

Communicate with the Michigan Center for IPE early in your planning phase:

  • IPE Opportunity Interest Form (ie. “short form”): this is a short form that can be submitted via Michigan Center for IPE Website. “Gate Keeper” at Michigan Center for IPE replies to confirm receipt, offer possible resources (ie. link to CRLT, AI, other faculty with similar interests, CW rep, etc.) and encourage submission of the full IPE Opportunity Submission when ready. Go to IPE Interest Form >
  • IPE Opportunity Submission (ie. long form): this is a proposal inquiry submitted to Michigan Center for IPE. IPE Curriculum Workgroup reviews the submission and may decide to have the submitter meet with the Curriculum Workgroup or assign a liaison to work with the submitter to modify or clarify submission. Once approved, all offerings will be added to the IPE Website and entered into IPE Offering Spreadsheet by Center staff for official tracking, center evaluation and annual review.

Syllabus Development:

  • See Developing IPE Syllabus

Consider offering your course in the “IPE Window”:

The Health Science Council (HSC) made up of Ann Arbor campus seven health science school deans in collaboration with the Center for Interprofessional Education have agreed to open some “windows” for IPE offerings across the Health Science schools. These are specific times set aside in each school’s curricular schedule for IPE offerings. For more detail about the proposed IPE Windows, Go to IPE Window >

Registrar Communication:

If you are listing your IPE course only in your school with no cross-listing, you will need to communicate with your registrar the number of student enrollment slots you wish to hold for students outside of your school.

Communicate with the Michigan Center for IPE to publicize your course:

The Michigan Center for IPE posts a list of all known IPE offerings, so it is important to be sure your course is listed with them. You might also consider adding specific information about the IPE nature of your course in the course listing to attract students who are seeking an IPE experience.